‘2 v 1’ Passing Skills Drill | Buzzball Junior Rugby Training Drill

2 young junior rugby players practicing skills with Buzzball Rugby Training Ball

The ‘2 v 1’ rugby training drill is a popular and regualrly practiced skill drill with players of all ages. Used to develop players passing skills under pressure as well as timing of the pass. The Buzzball is an almost perfect training aid within this type of skill drill, where the ‘buzz’ of the ball […]

‘Go To Ground’ | Buzzball Kids Rugby Training Drill

The ‘Go to Ground’ kids rugby training drill is an excellent training activity to develop childrens rucking skills, ruck presentation skills, alignment and organisation in attack and of course passing and handling skills. This rugby drill can be performed with all age groups including mini rugby players, junior rugby players as well as seniors. ‘Go […]

Win A FREE Buzzball Rugby Training Ball

Size 3 Yeallow and Blacl Buzzball Rugby Training Ball| Kids Rugby Ball with remote control

Every month we are giving everyone of our ‘Offer List’ members a chance of winning a ‘BUZZBALL’ of any size you choose in our FREE Monthly Draw. For your chance to win your very own Buzzball for your team, school, club or district then that’s all you have to do is subscribe to our ‘Offers […]